Fire Safety Audit

fireauditThe next step up from a Fire Risk Assessment is a Fire Safety Audit.  The Fire Safety Audit involves a detailed and systematic audit of all the fire safety controls, policies, procedures and training within a business. The Fire Safety Audit also allows for detailed drawings to be produced. 


  • Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 
  • Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 


  • Carry out a detailed Fire Safety Audit at the client's premises 
  • Review fire routes and interiors in accordance with Approved Document 'B' Fire Safety 
  • Review all current control measures in place including: fire routes, fire safety signage, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, fire alarm systems
  • Review all documentation including existing Fire Risk Assessments, policies and procedures, maintenance records, PPM records 
  • Produced detailed drawings of the premises and plot current fire precautions 
  • Provide a detailed action plan to address all non-compliances 
  • Produce a draft Emergency Plan for the client's premises 

On completion of the Fire Safety Audit we can meet with the client and discuss the findings and explain practical methods of reducing the risk to an acceptable level. 

All the guides are available FREE to download from the Department of Communities and Local Government Website. Each guide comes in two parts and provides step by step guidance in addressing fire safety within your place of work or specific area of interest.

Guide 1 - Offices and shops
Guide 2 - Factories and warehouses
Guide 3 - Sleeping accommodation
Guide 4 - Residential care premises
Guide 5 - Educational premises
Guide 6 - Small and medium places of assembly
Guide 7 - Large places of assembly
Guide 8 - Theatres and cinemas
Guide 9 - Outdoor events
Guide 10 - Healthcare premises
Guide 11 - Transport premises and facilities
Guide 12 - Animal premises and stables

A supplemental guide for addressing means of escape for Disabled Persons is also available FREE to download. Note: This guide is a supplement to be read alongside other guides in this series. It provides additional information on accessibility and means of escape for disabled people.


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