H&S Accreditation Assistance Service


Contractors seeking accreditation with organisations one of the many SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) may feel daunted of what is required of them.

Absolute Health and Safety Solutions Ltd can guide and assist companies in achieving one or many of these accreditations to not only help them in winning contracts, but reflect to the business world that they are undertaking their activities in a safe and professional manner. Which can give them the edge of their competitors.



Just to add clarity, Absolute Health and Safety Solutions Ltd, do not undertake all the work to allow a company to achieve an accreditation, we can offer the following to allow your company to apply and succeed with one or more accreditation:

  • A Retained Competent H&S Person Service, where Absolute Health and Safety Solutions Ltd act as your Competent Health and Safety Person

    • Work closely with your named persons within your business to coach them implementing your new and improved Health and Safety Management System

    • Being available for questions and assistance for the duration of the agreed retained period, until your named persons have achieved their Health and Safety qualifications to allow in house support

  • Undertake an audit of your Health and Safety Policy and arrangements related to your current activities, identifying where your weaknesses are and improvements can be made (every company is different). Improvements may include revising and improving (list is not exhaustive):
    • Your companies Health and Safety Policy (where you employ more than 5 persons) to truly reflect what your business activities are

    • Health and Safety training requirements of your work force

    • All Health and Safety related record keeping, including hazard identification and accident statistics

    • Construction Phase Plan (CPP) and Method Statement formats

    • Risk Assessments formats to encompass all hazards and associated risks related to your business activities

    • Audit and Inspection techniques to allow effective monitoring and maintaining accreditation, key to maintaining a high level of Health and Safety throughout your business

How long does it take to achieve accreditation?


It depends on the status of your current Health and Safety Management System and the ability to achieve 100% buy-in from all management and workers

What if we have absolutely nothing in place?

Well, if you have nothing in place and request assist on a Wednesday to achieve registration/accreditation on the following Monday because a Tender document is requesting you to provide accreditation details, it probably is not going to happen. So, depending on the size of your company and the complexity of your activities building from scratch can take between 1 – 12 months, again depending on achieving 100% buy-in from all management and workers

Have Absolute Health and Safety Solutions Ltd assisted other companies achieve registration and accreditation?

Yes, we have assisted in building both from scratch and remodelling companies Health and Safety Management Systems, all of which are achieving annual reaccreditation by following simple processes that have proved to be their blue prints for good Health and Safety Management. Some are now self-sufficient, some still retain our services to have Health and Safety at the end of the telephone when required.

Do we have to continue with the Absolute Health and Safety Solutions Ltd Retained Competent Person Service?

No, The principal aim is to coach key personnel within your business to take ownership of your new and improved Health and Safety Management System, until they are trained to take the 'Baton' - we are always at the end of the telephone if assistance is ever required. Some of our Clients call us for assistance when annual re-certification is required to ensure all bases are covered.  

For further information for businesses, or you wish to request a meeting to discuss our H&S Accreditation Assistance Service contact one of our consultants directly on 0845 864 6934 or contact us with an enquiry


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